GATH - The go-lang implementation of Atheios

gath is the central SW to run an own node. There are a lot of options for gath as specified when you run

gath -help

when running gath as an own node please be aware that there are a lot of people trying to harvest Your Atheios. So when you setup your own node, make sure you do not expose RPC to the internet.

You can prevent that by

  • having a firewall like ufw up and running and disable the 8545 port
  • define all rpc connections as local

    gath --rpc --rpcaddr --rpccorsdomain http://localhost --rpcapi personal,db,eth,net,web3 --syncmode=full

would only allow local connections.

There is a lot of inormation available which also applies to gath from the ethereum project. Checkout their documentation at

Useful functions

When You are running a local version of gath You are mining. Over time You will have some Atheios mined and You will be able to retrieve the value with the following command:

geth attach

How much has been mined

This command allows You to attach to a running instance of gath. Make sure You have a running instance though. In the console You can then issue the following command:

> web3.fromWei(eth.getBalance(eth.coinbase), "ether")

This should how much has been mined sofar.

Get all accounts and balances

For this we first write a small function and save it locally:

function checkAllBalances() {
    var totalBal = 0;
    for (var acctNum in eth.accounts) {
        var acct = eth.accounts[acctNum];
        var acctBal = web3.fromWei(eth.getBalance(acct), "ether");
        totalBal += parseFloat(acctBal);
        console.log("  eth.accounts[" + acctNum + "]: \t" + acct + " \tbalance: " + acctBal + " ether");
    console.log("  Total balance: " + totalBal + " ether");

Let's assume we stored it under the following path:

vi /home/fdm/balance.js

Now we just need to load the function when being attached to the gath concol

geth attach

Then in the console:

> loadScript("/home/fdm/balance.js")

Now we just call the function

> checkAllBalances();
  eth.accounts[0]:      0xb78f905a61f390a3d232a149806816ebbf7e0899      balance: 296.08295988 ether
  eth.accounts[1]:      0xe2428284687db3355b64262088d84b941b73a389      balance: 0.0100001 ether
  eth.accounts[2]:      0x2e28b65fd67e31d08b230761723cdbd0d59cb4f8      balance: 0 ether
  eth.accounts[3]:      0xbbd1bb38292fb49cefef8c55d80bfd18aab34ee6      balance: 0 ether
  eth.accounts[4]:      0x73c6ef7b610ffd30ea4d873fe90924f3da6e678d      balance: 0 ether
  eth.accounts[5]:      0xe7d9a2bee10bf7aaa4dee5471c22e2e3c714ee9a      balance: 49.99958 ether
  eth.accounts[42]:     0x8fa9e5bc7f06059b6cb0efb474d1ba1d5eb10353      balance: 0 ether
  eth.accounts[43]:     0xac5f98003b397d46ccbe3023d1639949f72a1ab9      balance: 0 ether
  eth.accounts[44]:     0x0ad57e51a0a8c18798eb8904f26b10031cbb0079      balance: 0 ether
  Total balance: 375.2978199999999 ether